36 Hours: 36 Hours in Traverse City, Mich.



13) 9:30 a.m. ROLLINa�� ON THE RIVER

Start the day with an herb omelet or croque madame at the cafe at Patisserie Amie, where a sign near the kitchen reads a�?Happy Hollandaise.a�? Then head to The River Outfitters at Logana��s Landing to rent a kayak ($30 an hour) for a trip across Boardman Lake and through town on the river of the same name. Swans are in elegant residence on the lake, and a paddle on the river takes kayakers under bridges cheap lopressor medication and through a fish weir (deftness suggested). On non-breezy days, the bay is the finale. a�?You remember a�?A River Runs Through Ita��?a�? said Tawny Hammond, the operations manager at the River. a�?I feel like the river is the main artery of Traverse City. Ita��s the lifeblood.a�?


Get your swimsuit and flip-flops and go north on Park or Cass Streets and across Grandview Parkway to the citya��s string of enticing bay beaches: Clinch Park, Volleyball (six courts) and West End among them. The last is two blocks from Dairy Lodge a�� established 1958 a�� with soft-serve sundaes, slushes and, of course, a cherry-pie flurry. (The owner, Stacey Popp, uses Michigan fruit and milk.) Head back to Front to Cherry Republic for sour cherry patches and cherry salsa to take home. If therea��s still time, a Bijou matinee is calling.


There are toasts to Traverse City throughout the cosmopolitan Hotel Indigo (263 West Grandview Parkway): rugs in guest rooms were inspired by the flannel shirts once worn by area loggers and the rooftop bar, H L Social, takes its name from Hannah Lay Company, a prominent timber and retail business in the city in the 1800s. The coffee in the first floor shop is from the local Higher Grounds and art in the rooms is by the Traverse artist Lindy Bishop. The hotel, which opened in 2016 in the Warehouse District and has more than 100 rooms, is a genuinely fun place to stay. Rooms in August from $289.

Bed-and-breakfasts are another option, including the Old Mission Inn (18599 Mission Road) on the Old Mission Peninsula, from $175 in August; the Grey Hare Inn (1994 Carroll Road), also on the Peninsula, from $245 in August; and, in town, the Wellington Inn (230 Wellington Street), from $205 in August.