Readers Remember Anthony Bourdain, Passionate Traveler


Today and for the rest of my life, I will think of Anthony Bourdain often and fondly.

PIERCE, Marin County

I shall miss you dearly Anthony. And will travel till I drop and meet all sorts of people and discover our humanity, as you invited us to do. Rest in peace!

NICHOLAS, Bordeaux

This is beyond sad for me and my boyfriend. We followed Anthony and Andrew Zimmern like a Catholic follows the Pope. We planned our vacations around what, where, and who either of them recommended.

I lived vicariously through Anthony on his travels to Paris, Asia and other parts of the world. He took me there. I learned so much.

— LYNDA ANDERSON, Charlotte, N.C.

I was a fan from his earliest publications and shows and have made some of the strangest dishes thanks to him. He was the epitome of cool and even though he was a bit of the bad boy/part of the boy’s club, his value and respect for the cultures and peoples of the places he traveled to earned my respect and my regard.

I have traveled extensively myself and have approached the food of the many different places I have been fortunate to visit as a really important part of any adventure, thanks to him. The circumstances of his death make me want to send a message out there to the world just to say: “PLEASE!!!! don’t do it, we love you, it can be better.”


Bourdain was a man who broke down the walls between “high cuisine” and the mass culinary world of the “everyday.” I often would Google and search places he went and ate at before going to a country. He was a large reason why I started really valuing street food as a main highlight of culinary art around the world, rather than fancy restaurants and stars. For that, I will always admire Bourdain.