Carry On: What Patrick Ta Cana��t Travel Without


The makeup artist Patrick Ta has a loyal following of clients that includes everyone from the Kardashians to Ariana Grande. Based in Los Angeles, Mr. Ta spends more time traveling than at home, flying around the world to create what he calls the a�?selfie-looka�? a�� makeup that looks as good on camera as in real life a�� for his celebrity clientele.

He logs so much time in the air that, he says, a�?Ia��ve watched every single movie on the plane that they have to offer.a�? In a recent conversation, he outlined a busy six weeks: a�?I just came back from Vietnam and I went straight to New York; then I went straight to New Orleans and now Ia��m back in L.A. for four days; then I go to Brazil for a week and I come back and I go to London, then Ia��m there for a couple days, then I go to Tokyo. Then I come back to New York and ita��s the Met Gala, and then the Cannes film festival, then London, Paris and Berlin.a�?

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He uses those hours on the plane to beautify. a�?Ia��ve always heard my clients or my friends telling me, a�?Oh, put on a face mask when youa��re traveling,a�� but obviously thata��s embarrassing. But I just got over that embarrassment and I did it. Even though it tells me to leave it on for 30 minutes, Ia��ll leave it on for six hours, and Ia��ll wake up and my skin will feel like ita��s protected from that dirty airplane air. Moisturizer, plumper, whatever mask that youa��re putting on, you get that full, maximum effect.a�?

Hea��s no longer concerned with looking strange on the plane. a�?I basically have to go straight to work and I do not want to look like Ia��ve been traveling all day, so I will usually put on a face mask and I honestly think ita��s genius. It does look odd, but once you get over that factor, youa��re like, Ia��m going to look a little bit better than you when I wake up, so who cares?a�?