Trending: How to Get to and Enjoy a Luxury Trip to Paris for Less


Interested in a late summer vacation to Paris, but think that peak travel season means it must be completely out of reach? In fact, the opposite is actually true: August happens to be one of the most affordable times to visit the city, with even luxury hotels offering rates and inclusions that aren’t usually available during the rest of the year. Airfare to the city, it turns out, is also cheaper compared with other months.

Affordable Airfare

According to Expedia, August is the least expensive month to fly to Paris from the United States, just behind November. Research from the flight comparison app Fareness shows that average airfare to Paris from the United States in August is $1,045, compared with June and July, when it is $1,245.

Travelers who want to fly business class can consider the Family Trip Duo deal from the 74-seat all business class airline La Compagnie, available until Aug. 24. Round trip airfare for from Newark Liberty International Airport to Paris Orly Airport begins at $1,500, while the accompanying fare for children ages 11 and under is $1,300. Otherwise, round trip airfare begins at $1,800 in August.

Luxury Hotels Bargains

Paris is a wallet-friendly proposition in August, said Francois Delahaye, the president of Plaza Athénée, one of the city’s most upscale hotels and a native Parisian. Most locals leave town while the deep-pocketed set who come during peak season in June decamp to the beach. “You’ll have the city to yourself if you come in August because it’s quiet, yet all the sights and stores are open,” he said. “If you’re looking to stretch your money, this is the month to visit.”