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Maud Bodoukian Meyrant, a photo editor, recommends this piece from The New Yorker: “Renting a wife after yours died, and the house feels too empty at dinner time. Renting a boyfriend to introduce to your parents, when they are pressuring you to get married. Renting a father for your child before a school interview, to avoid the stigma of being a single mother. It sounds surreal, but in Japan, it’s a reality. This fascinating story explores the questions of family ties, intimacy, paid relationships and the ache of loneliness.”

Back Story

It’s one of the most enduring symbols in rock ’n’ roll: the “Hot Lips” logo of the Rolling Stones.

The red lips and protruding tongue debuted on the 1971 album “Sticky Fingers” and have appeared somewhere on every album since.

John Pasche, who designed the “Hot Lips” logo for the Rolling Stones.CreditSipa, via Associated Press

The logo’s designer, John Pasche, said his favorite work by the band was the album, “Exile on Main St.,” released this month in 1972, because of “its gritty, raw quality.”

Mick Jagger commissioned the logo when Mr. Pasche was a student at the Royal College of Art in London. Mr. Jagger was inspired by Kali, a Hindu goddess with multiple arms and a pointed tongue, but Mr. Pasche was also impressed by the lead singer’s mouth.

Mr. Pasche said he worked on the logo nonstop for two weeks, for which he was paid 50 pounds, then about $120. (A modified version appeared in the United States.)

“It was just a lucky break,” said Mr. Pasche, who also designed posters for the band. “Right place, right time.”