Kind Ads: Decentralized Advertising on the Blockchain


The current state of advertising is broken, and even this week advertising industry magazines like Ad Week, are publishing articles “Digital Advertising Has Neglected Audiences. Now We’re Paying the Price” about the broken state of advertising, and how it should be fixed.

This new advertising model is already being developed on different blockchains by a few cryptocurrencies, but one, in particular, trying to fix online advertising into a less intrusive, more targeted advertising experience, while incentivizing even the users to earn, is the Kind Ads’ protocol.

Kind Ads is a decentralized advertising platform tokenized as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that already has a working product, and several publisher and advertisers signing up daily. This new decentralized advertising platform incentivizes all participants, including publishers, advertisers, app developers, and users, who are given total control over how their personal data is used.

Working on Decentralizing Advertising

The Kind Ads’ team is building an advertising platform that will help rank and score publishers (via past Google scoring, and proprietary ranking on the platform) so that advertisers can find a more receptive audience, while publishers earn more for providing better leads for them. Kind Ads’ team will use less intrusive advertising means than the traditional pop-up ads and banners, and will instead focus on push notifications, email, and chatbots to deliver ads.

The digital currency of the Kind Ads’ platform will be called the KIND token. The KIND token will have different uses within the platform, allowing users to opt-in or out of advertisements (or select which data they would like to share), giving them more control over how their data is used. The KIND token will also be used by advertisers to buy ads from publishers on the network, which will instantly pay publishers daily (not like the delayed payments most advertising platforms utilize today).

Publishers will earn more, and advertisers will get more of a return on investment with better-targeted demographics provided by the publishers. Also important to note is that app developers who develop new advertising technologies, as well as the users that offer their data for use on the platform, will be rewarded with a daily rewards pool of KIND tokens.

Kind Ads Virtual Crypto Summit

If you’d like to learn more about Kind Ads, they are hosting a Virtual Crypto Summit this week, on May 4, 2018, featuring keynote speakers like online marketing guru Neil Patel (also an advisor to the Kind Ads’ project), and speakers from Shopin, Current, Crypto20, Hosho, Simplyvital Health, fr8 Network and more. Join them for one of the world’s largest Crypto Summit featuring 10 crypto-industry leaders from all the world. The tickets are free and available from