Update: In an Era of Empowerment, More Trips for Women


The #MeToo movement inspired women around the world to speak up about issues of gender equality and female equality. purchase astelin dosage Now the tourism industry is focusing on empowerment, with new tours and programs designed specifically for women travelers.

On March 8 a�� International Womena��s Day 2018 a�� Exodus Travels, a London-based adventure tourism operator, launched a series of all-female departures to locations as diverse as Iran, Myanmar and the French Riviera. The guided tours, which range from eight days to just over two weeks, cost an average of $2,500 and will pair groups of 4 to 16 women with local female guides on high-adrenaline itineraries.

a�?Travel is a male-dominated profession, so ita��s very important to us that we hire female guides, which also helps educate the community in the places that we visit on the importance of females in the workplace,a�? said Robin Brooks, Exodus Travelsa�� marketing and public relations manager. a�?Women are feeling more empowered than ever and we wanted to be a part of that.a�?

Intrepid Travel, an adventure travel operator focused on small-group itineraries, also chose International Womena��s Day this year to respond to the #MeToo movement with its own line of female-only tours. The operator is launching three specialized itineraries for women only a�� to Morocco, Iran and Jordan a�� which promise to deliver a a�?sense of sisterhooda�? to travelers while they explore sites like the foothills of Azourki, Persepolis and the Dead Sea.