Maddy Wilford, Shot 3 Times in Parkland, Is ‘So Grateful to Be Here’


But for Ms. Wilford, the focus has been on recovery. In the appearance on Monday with doctors and Lieutenant Ojeda, Ms. Wilford’s family avoided the political fights of the moment. Her mother, Missy, said the family was grateful both for Mr. Trump’s visit and for the efforts of the doctors and emergency workers who saved her.


A White House photo of President Trump visiting Maddy Wilford that was used in a fund-raising email.

Shealah Craighead/The White House

“Madeleine is healing her wounds right now, but we’ll be healing emotionally for a while,” Missy Wilford said.

Lieutenant Ojeda said Ms. Wilford had been given a chest seal and an emergency bandage by a SWAT officer after the shooting. Working in the back of an ambulance, he decided to take her to Broward Health North, about 10 miles away.

Dr. Igor Nichiporenko, the hospital’s trauma director, said Ms. Wilford was in shock when she arrived, and doctors placed a tube in her chest, gave her multiple blood products, and brought her into surgery.

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On Monday, Dr. Nichiporenko said wounds on Ms. Wilford’s chest and abdomen had already healed. “Young people have a tendency to heal very fast,” he said. A bullet wound on her upper arm, which had injured two tendons, would take more time.

“She’s very, very lucky,” Dr. Nichiporenko said. “We’re talking about large-caliber bullets penetrating through the chest and abdomen — those are serious injuries.”

Dr. Nichiporenko said he believed Ms. Wilford would be physically ready to return to school next week and would probably make a full recovery.

“I’m so grateful to be here,” Ms. Wilford said, “and it wouldn’t be possible without those officers and first responders and these amazing doctors, and especially all the love that everyone has sent.”

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