Facebook is trying to make “Facebook Official” come back for Valentine’s Day


Some other digital declarations of love, like photographic engagement announcements, are still common on the platform. But the way to announce your new relationship is now by making it “Instagram official” (h/t The Verge). Unlike an unequivocal “in a relationship” status or the ominous-sounding “it’s complicated,” there is an art to “Instagram official,” with entire guides for how to make it happen. Cosmopolitan advises: “Take a sneaky photo of him that doesn’t include his face, don’t tag him, caption it “???.” A crucial part of easing your followers into your new relationship, and easing your boyfriend into your Instagram debut, is to do so slowly.”

Trying to bring the relationship status back is in line with the company’s mission to refocus on connections between Facebook friends, and not Pages or brands. The company is calling these preferred ways of connecting users “meaningful interactions,” but as Adam Mosseri, the head of News Feed, admitted at the Code Media conference on Feb. 12, Facebook isn’t sure what these “meaningful interactions” mean yet. Unless vintage Facebook becomes the new social media fad, past user behaviors show that relationship statuses are perhaps not among them.