Boston Dynamics unveils robodog that can open doors


A leading robotics company has revealed footage of a canine-inspired robot that can open doors that is certain to draw parallels to man’s worst nightmare, rather than his best friend. 

Boston Dynamics on Monday revealed footage of its SpotMini robot, which has four legs, a trunk and long reaching claw for a head.

In the clip the yellow robot can be seen walking up to a lab door, turning the door handle with its front-facing claw and allowing a fellow robot to leave the room. 

The US-based robotics company, formerly owned by Google and now Japan’s Softbank, posted the clip on YouTube but gave little else away. 

However, it was quickly picked up on social media, with thousands sharing the “terrifying” clip overnight. It is a progression from the first version of SpotMini, which was seen in a clip on YouTube assisting with basic household chores and climbing stairs in 2017.