Samsung chairman named a suspect in $7.5bn tax evasion scandal despite lying in a coma


Samsung’s incommunicado chairman has been named as a suspect in a $7.5million tax evasion case involving employee bank accounts, the latest scandal for the South Korean business empire. 

Police named Lee Kun-hee, 76,  as a suspect but said they were unable to question him because he lay in a coma in hospital.

Jay Y.Lee, had been running the technology giant since his father, Lee senior, suffered a debilitating heart attack in 2014. But two years later the de facto boss was arrested for bribing a confidant of the president, a scandal that led to the impeachment of former president Park Geun-hye.

“Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee and a Samsung executive managed funds in 260 bank accounts under names of 72 executives, suspected of evading taxes worth 8.2 billion won,” Korean National Police Agency said in a statement.

Officials claimed that the accounts, holding 400 billion won, were found during an investigation into questionable payments for the renovation of Lee’s sprawling family residence.