Fake fingernail that detects sunburn unveiled at CES 2018 


A “fake fingernail” that sends sunbathers a mobile phone alert if they are at risk of getting sunburnt has been unveiled at the world’s biggest gadget show.

L’Oreal, the French beauty giant, has unveiled a tiny £30 sensor designed to be placed on a thumbnail. It detects ultra violet rays in order to tell when wearers have spent too much time in sunlight and their skin is at risk.

The UV Sense device was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, a mass gathering of the technology industry in Las Vegas attended by 200,000 people, that is meant to showcase the world’s key innovations.

L’Oreal said the release of a previous gadget, a patch that users wore on their skin, led to 34 per cent of people applying sunscreen more often, and 37 per cent going into the shade more frequently.

It is 2mm thick and is attached to the thumbnail, an area that receives the optimal amount of sunlight to detect if the wearer is at risk.  Inside it has a collection of sensors and silicon connectors, but runs without a battery, connecting to a smartphone through a contactless chip similar to those found on credit cards.