The most important New Year’s resolution involves buying a new mattress


I’ve never really put much stock into getting much sleep or even cared about how the quality of the little amount that I actually do get. I’ve been smug about my ability to get by in life on around four hours of sleep a night and every time I read about the “sleepless elite” (paywall), which are some of the world’s most successful people doing and achieving a lot on barely clocking any hours in bed, I’ve felt vindicated.

Every year around January, the world pivots towards how we can all achieve our usual New Year’s resolutions of wanting to lose weight, get more fit, or stopping smoking. While all those pledges contribute to a healthier lifestyle, there is often one area that gets forgotten—sleep.

It’s not unusual for this to be left off the list for the usual quest of a healthier lifestyle, after all, the effects of weight gain/loss, quitting smoking, and being fitter can be tracked by the eye both personally and outwardly. Also, the old adage that “there is never enough hours in the day,” only makes it easier to curb the time you sleep, to make more time for work and play. This was especially pertinent when I used to wake up at 2:30 am as a TV producer for a morning news show, and still had the ability to go to the gym after work and sustain a healthy social life.