Doable daily experiments to test the boundaries of your independence


After Boston, New York, West Palm Beach, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Tokyo, and more, no one would predict they’d find me in a forest, including me. And I wouldn’t be here if I listened to my naysaying city-dwelling parents and spider-fearing friends.

But sometimes I don’t take the well-meaning counsel of loved ones. Each of my many new experiences teaches me who I am, what I need, and what I can do, and builds on those that came before. My experiments aren’t always successes, certainly not immediately, but they all offer lessons and bolster independence.

Do you

Life’s tough. You have responsibilities, problems, and dreams. If there’s another way to exist, you don’t know it. Yet you sense there is and that someone could show you. There is, and someone could. That someone is you, of course. Or, your independent self, a you who can pierce through the din.