Celebrating New Year’s Eve is the worst. Travel is a better way


Does anyone actually like New Year’s Eve? Not that I know of. It’s not that it’s unappealing to celebrate the start of another year, per say, but just that the expectation to be joyous and light over an entire month is too much for most people. It certainly is for me.

Indeed, it’s easy to have a bad attitude about New Year’s, which is why I’ve come to believe the best decision is just to opt out altogether. And by opt out, I mean get away. Whether you go with friends, a partner, or my personal favorite, a solo venture, you can use the time to recharge, reflect on the year ahead, or (if you have the energy) have one more festive bout before you embrace a more abstemious routine in January.

The point is, you’re away—so no matter what you do, it will feel novel rather than enforced. And the best part? There will be no pressure to do anything more than precisely what you want.