Moneycontrol Ultimate Business Quiz #3: Superhero creators, airline CEO and an old slogan


(The Moneycontrol Ultimate Business Quiz is a weekly feature comprising 25 questions.)

Avinash Mudaliar

Network18 Digital

Test yourself with Moneycontrol’s Ultimate Business Quiz, and see if you know how an iconic automaker was created through a meeting at a famous London hotel and which is Curtly Ambrose’s favourite football team. (Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons)

1. What is the most famous creation of these ‘men of action‘?

2. Connect:

3. This vehicle was the first of its kind. What is it and who built it? (Two visuals of same car)

4. The latest victim of a particular government’s effort to promote the national language has led to something being changed to the local term for ‘sharp word’. Which country and what term has been replaced?.

5. Once, when asked which his favourite football team was, what two-word response did this fan of Liverpool give?

6. Connect:

7. The makers claim can cure ailments like acidity and arthritis, purify water and even protect people from harmful cell phone radiation.

8. Connect:

9. Four words that connect these two visuals:

10. “Better Living Through Chemistry” has previously been the slogan for which company?

11. Which company was known for the manufacturing of these steel rollers that were used to make railway tyres and utensils?

12. What is Don Draper receiving in this episode of Mad Men?

13. Whose ads?

14. Connect:

15. The manner in which the money was kept together gives rise to which term in business?

16. Connect:

17. Which Indian business conglomerate has adopted this hand gesture as its logo, as it denotes life and depicts the mind, body and intellect?

18. First of its kind in US and third in the world, opening this April. What is blanked out in the image?

19. Famous cartoon panel from 1890s. What has been blanked out?

20. Connect:

21. Who is he and what is his name?

22. Connect:

23. This is a famous Manchester hotel. At its entrance, there is a relief that commemorates the meeting of two legends at this hotel in 1904, which led to the formation of a famous company.

Which hotel and which company?

24. Whose image would you find on the packaging of this product?

25. Which product’s brand placement would you find on these freely distributed booklets in the Kumbh Mela?