An excellent free beauty product you’ll find in your office bathroom


First of all, let me say that there is nothing wrong with having oily skin. As a matter of fact, my dermatologist has told me not to worry when I complained about my face having enough grease to fry an egg. Apparently, it’s a natural preservative, and people with oil-prone skin are likely to ward off wrinkles a little bit longer.

That said, there are moments in life when you don’t want a shiny forehead or nose, like when you’re about to take your passport photo or when you’re about to present at a meeting. But especially if you wear makeup, you don’t want to dab with a rough paper towel or, even worse, your sleeve.

As a beauty writer, I always carry a stash of blotting papers, which are highly absorbent thin papers that soak up sweat and oil. In the past, they were necessary for blotting fountain pens, and they still are used today for watercolor painting, chromatography, and, as the US Drug Enforcement Administration found out in 2008, distributing doses of LSD.