Managers could learn a lot from Larry Davida��seriously


Keith Yamashita, founder and chairman of the boutique consulting firm SYPartners, has been applying what Ia��ll call a�?the Larry David lensa�? to the work world. An illustration on the firma��s website shows how the big, strategic goal of achieving diversity and inclusion is really fostered through a�?micro-choices, micro-actions, and micro-behaviors.a�?

Macro policies and company mission statements about diversity are also essential, SYPartners argues, but ita��s the day-to-day decisions about who gets invited to a meeting, whose opinions are sought out, and what assumptions are made about peoplea��particularly by leaders in an organizationa��that determine the fate of the mission.

When we dona��t bring awareness to these moments, wea��re likely to continue repeating the same patterns of behavior, emphasizing, socializing, and promoting the people we know best (people who usually look a lot like ourselves).