Google investigating $100,000 worth of shadowy Russian-bought adverts 


Facebook has been working closely with US Congressional investigators after discovering 10 million people could have seen 3,000 controversial adverts bought by a Kremlin-affiliated trolls. The social network said the Russian agency spent $100,000 (£760,000) promoting the “divisive” adverts in an attempt to influence the vote. 

The Google findings are significant as the adverts appear to have been sold to a different agency to the one that advertised on Facebook. If that is the case, the controversy could spread wider than initially thought. 

Google is investigating a set of adverts worth around $100,000, some of which could have been bought by legitimate Russian accounts rather than trolls. 

The company was forced to backpedal after initially denying that its services had been involved in the controversy. It last month said it had “seen no evidence this type of ad campaign was run on our platform”. 

It started investigating the matter following pressure from the US Congress, which is looking into allegations of widespread collusion between Russia and parts of the US administration ahead of the election.