How to Take a Selfie: 9 Pro Tips for the Perfect Picture


While we might all take a lot of selfies, how do you take a really good one? You know what we’re talking about: the ones that makes you look like you have perfect hair, skin, teeth, clothes, environment… You know, like you’re having the time of your life with everything falling right into its place and you just happened to grab a snapshot of that moment.

Okay, we’re slightly exaggerating (come on, Insta isn’t the real world), but there are ways to ensure that you feel your happiest and most confident self with the pictures you decide to post on social media—or accidentally send to everyone in your contacts list. Now, we don’t by any means advocate judging yourself by your social media likes (if you’ve seen that Black Mirror episode, you know that’s the last thing anyone wants), but if you must take selfies—or don’t know where to begin—then we’ve got the how-to guide for you.

From knowing how to find your best side (yes, it’s a thing, and yes, this editor does now know which is hers) to understanding which equipment and filters will make the most of your features, we’ve got some incredible tricks and ideas to help. If you think you need a gentle nudge in that right direction, keep scrolling for our guide on nine pro tips on how to take a selfie.