Alito temporarily blocks new Texas congressional map


Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito on Monday temporarily blocked a lower court’s order that Texas redraw some of its congressional districts that allegedly were drawn with racial discrimination in mind.

Alito’s action put off a court hearing scheduled for next week in San Antonio until the full Supreme Court has a chance to weigh in.

Texas has asked the high court to undo the lower court ruling that found that two of the state’s 36 congressional districts are flawed by racial gerrymandering, Fox News previously reported.

Democrats and groups of color that sought even larger changes in the congressional map have until September 5 to tell the justices why they should allow a new map to be drawn.

The Supreme Court could give Texas a chance to respond to that filing.

Alito handles emergency filings from Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Fox News’ Shannon Bream and The Associated Press contributed to this report.