Carry-On: What the Performer Big Freedia Can’t Travel Without



“I bring about six different colors of lipstick. The color really depends on what I put on, and when I’m performing, what matches with the outfit. I bring my MAC powder, my brush, my eyeliner pencil and foundation, in case I can’t find a makeup artist, and I have to try to hook my face up myself. If my makeup artist can’t come with me, I’ll try to find someone there that can do it or I’ll go to a MAC store.”


Big Freedia.

Josh Huvel


“It’s to put my hair in and wrap it up. I like to wear it when I’m on the plane. I put it on once I get in my seat so my hair won’t be all over my head when I wake up. On those long flights, it’s bedtime.”


“I take my laptop for movies, in case I don’t want to watch what they have on the plane. I saw ‘Hidden Figures’ recently. It had me in tears, it was so good.”

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“I have to bring my cigarettes. They don’t have my kind in the duty free, so I bring them with me from the states when I go overseas. I buy a carton for a week.”

Performance clothes

“They always change, depending on what the colors are for the night, what I told the dancers to bring. We might do denim one day. We might do red and black. We might do pink and black. It depends. I do something that stands out: I’ll wear another color or my outfit will be all solid if I told them [the dancers] to wear two colors. It all gets shoved into a suitcase, and I figure it out when I get there.”

Plane snacks

“I have to have either some Elmer’s Chee-Wees or some Zapp’s chips from New Orleans. They’re good for late-night snacks, if things are going to be closed when I arrive. Something to munch on when I get there. I miss those things when I’m gone, so I try to bring them with me.”

Fake eyelashes

“I wear the Huda ‘Samantha’ brand; they are the perfect fit. I can’t leave without some diva lashes.”

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